Amazon Pay-per-Click Ads - boost your revenues!

Amazon is one of your most powerful sales channels: Use it.

  • Over 30 million monthly users in Europe's leading market.
  • 1 in 3 product searches start with Amazon, that is the highest share of any search engine.
  • Amazon initiates more than 40% of E-commerce sales, in both Germany and the UK!
  • Conversion booster Amazon Prime: Prime customers convert up to 70%, when they search for products on Amazon. 
  • Low-risk: Tried-and-true cost-per-click bidding model. You only pay, when users click on your ad. And your determine how much.
  • Low-cost: Cost-per-clicks start from 2 Cents. Low advertising-cost-of-sales (ACoS).
  • Organic, non-intrusive appearance of ads in search results. Highly relevant for users.

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