Our Services



Results across sellers and vendors differ a lot from each other most of the time. Revenue potential, shopping cart values, return rates, product margins - every product portfolio on Amazon is different from the next.


We analyse and make sure your content and Amazon SEO are in good shape. This is important for sucessful Amazon PPC. We take a look at your cost structure, your KPIs and tailor all our campaigns towards achieving your ROI goals.


This way, we generate sustainable revenue on your terms.


Campaign Operations


Our campaigns run on the Amazon Advertising  Eco-System (AMS / SellerCentral / AAP). We continuously optmize within your budgets and towards your KPI-goals.


While making sure best-practice methods in Amazon Marketing are being applied, we contribute to gaining market share, improving your bestseller rank, and drive additional revenues. The Amazon advertising platforms are specific in nature and complexity and we know how to achieve superior result in this eco-system.



As an Amazon Marketing Agency we develop the ideal concept for you consisting of product categories, ASINs, keywords and ad formats. Across all international Amazon markets, specifically USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico.


Using the right PPC concept and strategy, we generate reliable growth in revenue and earnings.




While advertising on Google und Facebook has been operated and optimized via 3rd party bid-management software for years, PrimeUp is the first agency to focus on service & software primarily for Amazon Sponsored Products and AMS optimization. To your advantage.


For efficient processes, analysis and bid-management, we use our proprietary BuyQ software tool. Because hard data and intelligence beats gut feeling, when it come to optimization.